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Traffic Division

If you have received a traffic ticket, there should be a date at the top of your ticket. This is a date you are to appear in court. In many circumstances you may choose to pay the fine without appearing in court. However, some offenses require you to appear in court and in front of a judge. For more information about your traffic ticket please contact:

Traffic Division Clerks

Online Payments: www.courtmoney.com
or call: 1-877-222-468 location # 1143

Make On-Line Payments:

Pay your Court Fees On-Line
Before making a payment or calling be sure to have your case number and the amount of the ticket. You cannot make a payment without this information. You can get this information by calling the Circuit Clerk's office at 573-422-3338 or by looking for your case number on Case Net

Pay by Web:

If you have gone to court and are making payments, please use this website to make your payments.
Go to: www.courts.mo.gov, click on Payments. Follow the online instructions. Under "select court" select 25th Judicial Curcuit (Maries, Phelps, Pulaski, Texas counties). Enter your case number, select the case and enter the on-screen information. You may select to either pay by "Electronic Bank Draft (eCheck)" which will only be a flat 50 cent charge, or you may select to pay with a " Credit/Debit Card" which will be a $1.25 on amounts up to $50, $1.75 up to a $75 amount and $2.35 up to a $100 amount and 2.35% on any amount over $100.