The Maries County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is responsible for prosecuting traffic cases under state law without general regard for any administrative licensure actions against defendants that may arise from the convictions obtained.  Because even traffic tickets have a wide range of legal implications, the Prosecutor encourages defendants to consult an attorney.


Maries County processes some traffic matters through the Fine Collection Center (FCC).  If your ticket indicates court address or location as “FCC – 30 days”, and you have questions about the payment or plea information you received with your ticket, you may call Fines Collection Center at (877) 866-3926 or visit the website at

For tickets having a court date and a courthouse location, contact the Circuit Court of Maries County – Associate Division, at (573) 422-3303.


Tickets must be paid by money order, law firm check or cash (exact change).  Maries County does not accept personal checks or debit/credit cards.


Any contact with the Prosecuting Attorney concerning a specific traffic ticket must be in writing with a valid return address indicated.  Letters can be mailed to P.O. Box 212, Vienna, MO 65582 or faxed to 573-422-3829.


Tickets that indicate “City of Vienna” instead of “Maries County” in the court field are handled by the City Attorney for Vienna, P.O. Box 397, Vienna, MO 65582 (573) 422-6191.


A driver who receives a ticket for failure to maintain financial responsibility (no insurance) and has insurance can mail or fax proof of insurance and along with a phone number at which you can be reached to the Prosecuting Attorney, P.O. Box 212, Vienna, MO 65582 or faxed to 573-422-3829.


Court dates may be verified by accessing Missouri Case Net, a database of all Missouri cases at